My module is on CPAN, whoo hoo

Adrian McMenamin adrian at
Fri Dec 29 16:14:24 GMT 2006

I know one shouldn't boast and I haven't read the list's charter to see
if this is allowed - BUT - if you are using perl generated PNGs for
things like J2ME you might want to have a look at Image::Pngslimmer

At the moment it only strips out non-critical chunks (there are a couple
of diagnostic functions too) - when I work how to do paletization, I'll
add that too.

I couldn't find anything else that did this on CPAN so although it's
small I hope it's useful.

For some reason I obviously messed up the licencing bit when I uploaded
it - but as the readme makes clear it's Perl (ie Artistic + GPL)

There is a mailing list too -

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