[OT] c# ide's

Raf rafiq at dreamthought.com
Wed Jan 3 13:31:20 GMT 2007

Hi Good people,

Not a windows fan, but I am looking for a oss windows IDE for developing
c# applications.

Essentially, I just want something which has the notion of a project and
integrates with mono or 1.1 sdk.  I was hoping for something which I might
be able to use on both linux and windows platforms.  Something which will
knock out .net assembly .dll's. Something open and free.  Hopefully
something portable.  I tried improve's c# plugin for eclipse and whilst it
seems to syntax highlight c# sources, it doesn't really appear to offer
anything else - from what I can see at least.

Anyway, I've googled a fair bit and can't seem to find anything which runs
under windows.  Any suggestions would be welcome?



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