Online music recognition

Nik Clayton nik at
Wed Jan 3 17:27:55 GMT 2007

IvorW wrote:
> I've recently encountered, and been impressed by Shazam. You play part of
> a tune to it by dialling a special number on a mobile phone, and let it
> listen for about 20 seconds. Within a few seconds of dialling off, it
> texts you the name of the track and artist. Seems to handle obscure stuff
> (Jazz) and cover versions.
> What I'd be really interested in is the same technology, but on a
> website, not a mobile phone. The idea is you CGI upload a small .wav file
> to it, and it emails you the track details. I have an application for it.
> Does this service exist?

Sort of.  There are Perl implementations of the 
client API in the MusicBrainz::* namespace.

Note that this works on the full song (I think) rather than a snippet of it, 
so it might not fit your needs.


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