PHP sucks dick through a straw

Andy Armstrong andy at
Thu Jan 11 21:57:37 GMT 2007

On 11 Jan 2007, at 21:42, Jeff Anderson wrote:
> Because it is a path of least resistance. An old friend of my  
> quipped "the
> path of least resistance leads you to the least every time."

Very good :)

> It also seems to be that most of the hardcore advanced PHP heads  
> still don't
> get why wrappers are better than separate individual hand rolled  
> header and
> footer includes, because i still think that PHP cannot handle such.  
> (TT uses
> WRAPPER -- Mason has autohandlers -- Krang has categories).

You can achieve wrapper like functionality but you need tend to end  
up with URLs like this

and then that typically gets hidden using mod_rewrite or similar.  
Messy but possible.

> What kills me about PHP (i was coding up some recently) is that an  
> objects
> attributes and methods have to be called in different ways:
> $object->attribute;
> $object->method();
> So if i call some method $object->has_foo() and forget to add the  
> parens
> (thinking that it is an attribute) then PHP will not throw any kind of
> error, and instead just return undef since $object->has_foo was  
> never set.

I managed to delete a > today so I had


instead of


For some reason that I couldn't be arsed to investigate it decided  
that $obj-attribute had a value of 1.

Andy Armstrong,

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