PHP sucks dick through a straw

Daniel Barlow dan at
Fri Jan 12 11:13:41 GMT 2007

Jeff Anderson wrote:
> What kills me about PHP (i was coding up some recently) is that an objects
> attributes and methods have to be called in different ways:
> $object->attribute;
> $object->method();

Not really seeing this is evil, it's just "not what you're used to".
If the language parses $object->method as a /call/ to method, you have
no way to refer to the method object itself.

Note that I have no idea whether you /can/ refer to the method itself
in PHP and don't care enough about that ridiculous excuse for a
language to find out, but you'll find a similar distinction in Scheme,
Javascript, and probably quite a lot of languages.  Even C - although
obviously there it's about plain old functions, not methods.

  "This test was changed to test the effective UID as well as the real
  UID [...] The test is defective in that it tested the address of the
  geteuid function, not the result of the function itself"
    - X.Org local root vulnerability, CVE-2006-0745


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