free (but dated) PC gear

Toby Corkindale tjc at
Mon Jan 15 18:16:30 GMT 2007

Would anyone be interested in this stuff? I'm trying to clear it out of my
house - it's free, but you'll have to collect (from Hackney).

(Or I could bring small stuff to the dorkbot meeting tomorrow if you let me know
this evening.)

# Computer - contains 3xIntel Xeon 450MHz CPUs (can take up to 4), 3x 9.1Gb
  SCSI drives (striped) (can take up to 7). Comes with Linux pre-installed, and
  works for web browsing or video playback or just general server stuff. (eg.
  Internet firewall/gateway, file serving, etc - could combine with more free
  harddrives listed below).

# 10/100 MBit ethernet switch

# HP Colour laser printer. (CYMK - 4 toner cartridges). Needs more yellow

# Epson C86 colour inkjet printer. (CMYK - 4 ink cartridges). Needs more cyan,
  magenta, and yellow ink.

# Assorted ISA, PCI, and AGP cards - ie. modems, 10/100 ethernet adaptors,
  graphics cards, etc.

# Various computer cables. (eg. power leads, VGA, USB, firewire, IDE, ATA,
  SCSI, etc.)

# Misc x86 computer parts - Heatsinks, fans, etc.

# A couple of hard drives (think they're like 20/30 GB or so, but working)

# Assorted monitors (a variety between 15 and 19 inches)

# 20+ MiniDiscs (some blank, some with recorded music, but re-writeable)

It's all free, although perhaps you could make a donation to a good charity if
you've got some spare money?
It all used to work, but there's no guarantee or warranty offered.


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