[ANNOUNCE] Social meet: 1 Feb, The Dovetail, Jerusalem Passage

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Sat Jan 20 00:14:38 GMT 2007

On 19 Jan 2007, at 23:31, David Cantrell wrote:
> According to Joel it does jolly good beer and food.

It's one of the pubs that I go and have lunch in. Sometimes I even  
get some food.

The Dovetail is like a non-shit Belgos. There's a good range of  
Belgian draught and bottled beers, and the food is *excellent*. It is  
not cheap though. The cafe next door is cheap and quite good. Avoid  
the curry house round the corner.

The infamous Eagle, of the equally infamous eight quid sandwich is in  
the area. The butty is reputedly worth the money.

I can also recommend the Jerusalem Tavern for lunch. Try to hit it at  
about 2:30, while the kitchen is still open but the lunchtime trade  
has subsided and you can actually get a seat. The food prices are  
still fearsome, but less so, and IMO the food is even better than the  
Dovetail and the Eagle. The Jerusalem is a St. Peters pub and St.  
Peters beers are *wonderful*. I'm usually to be found drinking my way  
through their honey porter.

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