Scripting for the Semantic Web Workshop (and Scripting Challenge) - Call for Papers

Nigel Hamilton nigel at
Mon Jan 22 05:24:23 GMT 2007

>>> On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 15:09 +0000, Earle Martin wrote:
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>>> Can we have that in a language I understand please?
>> "Semantic web stuff ..."
> Computer-generated summaries of web sites that other computers can understand.

A member of the audience at the BCS Roger Needham lecture[1], on the 
Semantic Web put a major fly in the ointment when he asked, "but isn't 
semantics about "meaning"? And don't human's decide what something means?"

At some level a human decides what a web page is about and we saw in the 
case of <META> tags human nature at work.

When pressed about this the speaker acted like it was out of scope? But I 
personally think it goes to the heart of the problem.[2]



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