Matt Wilson codebrewery at
Tue Jan 23 08:44:37 GMT 2007

On 1/22/07, Paul Makepeace <paulm at> wrote:
> Last update to this module was late 2004 and it seems like things have
> changed at HSBC then,


After talking it over with Paul I went ahead and started hacking on
Finance::Bank::HSBC. The current release (v1.03) doesn't appear to
actually work - at all. However, I have a development version in the
works that not only works with HSBC's online banking, but can extract
a list of accounts (this may have already been available), a list of
the most recent transactions for each account and, if available,
statements for each account too. There are some finer details to the
functionality, and the module needs some polishing and cleaning up
(the POD definitely needs some work), but I'm looking to release v1.04
sometime soon.

All thanks to Paul and his "I'd really rather not do this via copy and
paste" attitude. I think we can all learn a thing or two[*].


[*] Though I suspect that if you're on this list then you'd rather
spend several hours hacking away at a Perl module rather than several
hours of "copy and paste" joy.

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