Converting Getopt::Long into POD

Andrew Black andrew-li at
Mon Jan 29 10:47:00 GMT 2007

Does anyone know of a way of converting Getopt::Long parameters into 
half way decent POD.
I am thinking along the lines of taking
  "wiggle=s"  # filename of wiggle
and producing
  -wiggle=filename     filename of wiggle
I almost started writing my own but then thought someome MUST have done 
it before.

I dont mind having to cut an paste into the POD section of my PM, but 
trying to keep a POD and option in sync is a pain.

I realise there are going to be various other Getopt::xxx methods, but 
follwing Aaron's talk at YAPC I am sticking with Getopt::Long, unless a 
very convincing argument persuades me otherwise.  

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