Raf rafiq at
Fri Feb 2 13:22:53 GMT 2007

On Fri, 2 Feb 2007 alex at wrote:
>  On 2/2/07, Pete Sergeant <pete at> wrote:
> >> If so, anyone have any recommendations for training companies who might
> >> be able to give me such a skill...
> Dave H replied
> > They're generally after "real experience with" Sybase, either in a dev or
> > production environment.
> Sadly I think Dave is right on this. Having used Sybase for nearly two
> years sitting under Murex I can say that the skills they are looking for
> are best obtained by actually using it.

I have to concur with that.  Still, if you're out for self training, there
are two particular books which I've found really useful in the past:


o The other I can't find atm.  It's like a pocket book.  That said, any
quick and accessible tsql reference should do.

> and of course sybase perl DBI
I've also seen live code using SybPerl, so you might want to check this


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