Perl CGI script giving me problems

Gareth Harper gareth at
Thu Feb 8 12:00:03 GMT 2007

Pete Sergeant wrote:

>Hi Peter,
>Both of the things you wish to achieve would be done via Javascript,
>which would be outputted via your Perl script.
>I would suggest you attempt to create a simple HTML page that can do
>this (with the aid of a Javascript tutorial/book), and then look in to
>how to make your CGI script output this HTML.
I believe he doesn't need to use javascript at all, and can accomplish 
the same by setting tabstop 1 on the HTML form element he wants the 
cursor to appear in (ala and can use a HTML anchor tag 
to automatically scroll the page down to the correct location.

>On Thu, Feb 08, 2007 at 11:21:32AM +0000, peter church wrote:
>>   I am in the middle of my first CGI project and I am stuck on 2 issues. I
>>am creating an answers file using a form one attribute at a time,
>>so the form pops up asks a question with a submit then prints the previous
>>answers and brings up the next question etc.
>>what I need to do is
>>1) make the cursor appear in the box containing the current question each
>>2) make the web page scroll down to where the box is if the page is longer
>>than a standard browser window
>>is this easy to achieve with the Perl CGI module?

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