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Mark Overmeer mark at overmeer.net
Thu Feb 15 16:13:49 GMT 2007

* Peter Corlett (abuse at cabal.org.uk) [070215 15:30]:
> On Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 02:32:20PM +0000, Andy Armstrong wrote:
> [...]
> > All of the domains currently have ns1.hexten.net and ns2.hexten.net as
> > their nameservers. I can change the DNS for ns1 and ns2 to point at my new
> > box but it's my understanding that that won't have the desired effect
> > because the glue records for those nameservers contain hard wired IP
> > addresses.
> You need glue records *only* if the nameservers are within the domain
> they're serving for. (djb calls this "in balliwick".)
> I have a fair number of domains that use nameservers ns[01].cabal.org.uk.
> When I change the IP address of the nameserver, I only need to update the
> glue record in cabal.org.uk and all the other domains (e.g. 1k.org.uk) pick
> up the change. I arranged it this way on purpose so I could easily change
> the IP address of the nameservers on all my domains just by updating the
> glue records on two.

The problem with your solution is

 1) Andy's users maintain their own zones, so probably did add the
    proper A records for the name-servers (as the RFC advices)

 2) It depends on the sysadmin one level higher (maybe the TLD) whether a
    zone without NS records is an acceptable configuration.  Probably,
    Andy's users have domains in many different set-ups (.net, .org,
    .co.uk, .nl) which may have influenced the structure of the zone-file.

Andy, you could continue to run hidden slaves at the old-ip address for
some time.  Net::DNS is very simple to query the zones of all your
customers... and send them mail regularly until they have changed
their zone.

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