Perl Debugging Problems...

Richard Foley Richard.Foley at
Fri Feb 16 08:18:04 GMT 2007

On Thursday 15 February 2007 18:30, Luis Motta Campos wrote:
> >>    I'm trying to debug a test script, and everything runs quite well
> >> until I reach the second test function, where suddently all my
> >> debugger status is lost and I stop to seeing source, actions, my
> >> current position in the code and breakpoints.
> >>
> > It would really help to see some sample code, or context, or  
> > screenshots, or
> > something...
>    I know.
>    But I don't know what to send.
>    There are nearly 12K lines of perl code being invoked for this  
> test script.
>    Maybe you could help me with guidelines so I can build a  
> minimalistic bug-reproduction script...
Are you using threads, old or new?  Are you forking or using pipes?  Are you 
redirecting STD(IN/OUT) or DB(IN/OUT) anywhere strange?  The possibilities 
are endless.

With little or no information to go on, it's hard to suggest a reasonable 
solution, but you could try using ptkdb as an alternative debugger.  If the 
behaviour continues, the suspect is your code, if it stops, it may be the 
debugger itself.

Richard Foley
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