[OT] Mac Wireless Problems

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Sat Feb 24 10:21:14 GMT 2007

Perhaps one of the Mac experts on the list can help me with this problem.

My Macbook has stopped seeing my Netgear wireless access point. All 
other computers can see my access point, and the Macbook can see other 
access points. But the Macbook refuses to list my access point in its 
list of wireless networks.

It worked until last weekend. Then two things changed.

Firstly, I downloaded a ton of software updates for the Macbook. Maybe 
something in there has broken something.

Secondly, I bought a new access point and plugged it in in place of the 
old one. But for various reasons, it doesn't work properly and I have 
now gone back to the old one temporarily.

Has anyone seen something like this before?

Any suggestions gratefully received. Solutions will earn even more 
gratitude (and beer).



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