[OT] Mac Wireless Problems

Robin Berjon robin at berjon.com
Sat Feb 24 12:03:56 GMT 2007

On Feb 24, 2007, at 11:21, Dave Cross wrote:
> My Macbook has stopped seeing my Netgear wireless access point. All  
> other computers can see my access point, and the Macbook can see  
> other access points. But the Macbook refuses to list my access  
> point in its list of wireless networks.

Total stab in the dark, but at some point a few weeks ago my MBP  
started seeing my Wifi only very intermittently (and it's an Airport  
Base...). It would work just fine and then all of a sudden lose it  
completely — you could only make it come back by telling it the name  
of the network and re-entering all details by hand. For a short while  
I almost felt that the Windows Wifi experience (in which you have to  
confirm your 16 character password by typing it a second time — wtf?)  
was better but some tweaking brought this up: the AP was set to G  
only and interference robustness was off. My MBP supports G and IR is  
probably overkill where I am, but changing both of those to B/G and  
On sorted it.

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