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> Quoting Ovid <publiustemp-londonpm at>:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Since Simon Cozens is leaving on March 20th (good luck, Simon!),
> would
> > anyone else be willing to donate time to teach a class designed to
> > bring Perl programmers to an expert level?  I'm certain we can
> still
> > put this together if we're determined enough.
> Yep. I'm happy to be involved in teaching. Don't have much time to
> get  
> involved with organisation tho'. Which is why I've kept pretty quiet 

> so far.

Well, I'd be happy to get involved in the organization, but I don't
know squat about London (other than the fact that I think Bayswater is
a luverly area to live.  I think I'll move there).

So Dave, what would you need to carry this off?

* How much time for planning?
* How many days for teaching? (can this be done in one or two days)?
* What will students need? (Do we need terminals or can they bring
* Preferred location for this?  (Does it need to be close to central?)
* Other thoughts?

If anyone with more experience with London is willing to work with me
to chase down venues, I can work on getting financing for this.  Heck,
if you just send me suggestions for hunting venues in London, I could
even do that bit myself.

Any and all other suggestions welcome.



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