Free teach-in

Dave Cross dave at
Tue Mar 6 14:05:47 GMT 2007

Quoting Ovid <publiustemp-londonpm at>:

> So Dave, what would you need to carry this off?

Some brief thoughts. Perhaps we can discuss in more detail at the  
meeting on Thursday.

> * How much time for planning?

I already have courses that will just need a bit of rearranging and  
updating. Once I know what we're going to cover I'll need a week or so  
to sort it out.

I'll get a draft syllabus ready for Thursday.

> * How many days for teaching? (can this be done in one or two days)?

I think that initially we should aim for doing a one-day course.

> * What will students need? (Do we need terminals or can they bring
>  laptops?)

I think that for a one-day course we can get a lot more done if we run  
it as a lecture (i.e. no workshop sessions - so no computers needed).  
This also makes things simpler to organise for our first attempt. Also  
means that we can deal with more people.

> * Preferred location for this?  (Does it need to be close to central?)

Close to central is good. I would have thought that anything in zones  
1 or 2 would work.

> * Other thoughts?

I'd prefer to do this on a weekend. But I can do a weekday if that's  
how it needs to be.

Does that help?



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