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Wed Mar 7 15:27:47 GMT 2007

On Wed, 7 Mar 2007,  Christopher Jones <c.jones at> wrote:-
> I wrote to Jackie Pallas, the head of the Bloomsbury Centre for
> Bioinformatics (a joint UCL/Birkbeck College venture) about whether
> we could host the teach-in at UCL or Birkbeck College. Here's her
> response;

If this is circulated round the university there will be a lot of 
interest....  particularly from people with no programming and only a
little UNIX experence.

I understand that the idea behind this course is to make the good better, 
rather than initiate the newby.

This should be made _Very_Clear_ in the advertising or your guaranteed to 
get a sizable contingent of highly bewildered and slightly disruptive 
people wanting to know what a hash is (I've attended courses like that).

I'm not trying to exclude the newby, but it would do no good for Perl 
Advocacy creating people who have 'Been on a course and didn't understand 
a word of it Perl is clearly too complex to understand, I'll try that nice 

I would be interersted in helping out on this course, though I suspect I 
am more student material ... if there was a Introduction to Perl I would 
be very pleased to tutor on it.


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