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Andy Armstrong andy at
Thu Mar 8 21:25:45 GMT 2007

On 8 Mar 2007, at 21:00, Dave Baker wrote:
> Very interesting point; might have to do with the drop (I think) in  
> newbies to Perl, and the maturing of the Perl community. Here's an  
> excerpt from a June 29, 2006 article by Nat Torkington:
> "The overwhelming sense I had was that Rails and Ruby are very  
> fortunate. Their killer app zone is not the entry-level market that  
> Perl's CGI and later PHP hit. This means that Rails and Ruby aren't  
> the first programming language for people, and that a huge amount  
> of Rails and Ruby code is not being written by people who've never  
> written code before. A lot of the ill will that Perl and (to a  
> lesser degree) PHP experience is because they absorbed a lot of  
> newbies."

Absolutely. Different recent trajectories though. We've spent the  
last ten years distancing ourselves from those humble beginnings. PHP  
is still PHP from the block :)

Andy Armstrong,

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