The Free Love-, er, Teach-In

Richard Jolly richardjolly at
Mon Mar 12 23:19:26 GMT 2007

On 12 Mar 2007, at 22:16, Jonathan Stowe wrote:

> On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 20:43 +0000, Richard Jolly wrote:
>>                                                                 But
>> is it done well? Are they the right objects? Are the right methods
>> implemented? How can you tell? The syntax is there, but not the design
>> skills.
> But aren't these things that are best learnt without reference to any
> particular language or simply through experience?

Yes. But training is a head start to experience.

> Even if one was to
> disagree with the first part then I think that many people would agree
> that Perl might not be the language that one would choose to teach good
> OO design skills in the first place.

So perhaps perl programmers need more help?

> Of course teaching people  how they
> might set about applying virtuous OO design practices to Perl is a
> worthwhile aim ...

It's not just OO. Many of the same skills apply to subroutines and 


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