Devel::Cover recommendations... or maybe not?

Luis Motta Campos luismottacampos at
Wed Mar 14 16:22:12 GMT 2007

On Mar 14, 2007, at 5:00 PM, jesse wrote:
>> Ignore that comment.  I have a cronjob which rebuilds my coverage
>> reports nightly and all of my colleagues can simply check the  
>> coverage
>> Web site I have set up (I'm reasonably sure that none of them have,
>> however).
> You should post your cronjob ;) It'd be useful to folks. Even if  
> it's a
> two line shell script.

   Yeah, I agree.
   That will save me two lines coding something that is already coded  
somewhere on the universe. And will guarantee Ovid yet another beer  
against me on his beer-chart ;-)

Luis Motta Campos (a.k.a. Monsieur Champs) is a software engineer,
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