Devel::Cover recommendations... or maybe not?

Luis Motta Campos luismottacampos at
Thu Mar 15 12:37:14 GMT 2007

On Mar 15, 2007, at 12:43 PM, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> I'd prefer to have sufficient information to be able to make the  
> week-to-week
> judgement on what is most important. Note, I didn't say that that I  
> *should*
> be making it, merely that I shouldn't be so far in the dark that if my
> manager is ill for a week, I have no good idea what I should be doing.

   I don't believe that I could do it at the present moment.
   I don't have enough political / business / commercial information  
to correctly weight issues and draw decisions. But I'm just started  
on my new job, I will grow up out of this behavior...

> Otherwise, de facto, I'm being micromanaged. And that is stupid.
> I've experienced the mushroom anti-pattern, and it's demoralising  
> as hell.

   Thanks for the nice reference. That'll integrate the readings  
recommendation I'm keeping to my new manager (that just started this  
week, and will have a hard time ahead - I will help him as I can so  
he can integrate and feel good).

> I think it all depends on whether one's "manager" is capable of  
> doing my job
> or is someone who doesn't now (or never did) have the technical  
> ability.

   I guess mine is the second case. Good consideration also,  
remembered me some nice talks I attended when taking my post- 
graduation specialization on management...

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