Windows laptops

Andy Armstrong andy at
Wed Mar 21 14:53:47 GMT 2007

On 21 Mar 2007, at 14:41, Peter Corlett wrote:
> Morgans have a fairly impressive range of cheap and nasty Windows  
> laptops
> that aren't particularly fast, but come with XP. They start at  
> about 300
> notes.

Ah right, thanks. I always forget Morgans. That should be their  

> At the nicer end, there's always a shiny MacBook Pro? Whether you  
> install
> Boot Camp and Windows XP is up to you, but I never bothered. Still,  
> if you
> do go XP on a MBP, you'll have one CPU for the pointless graphics,  
> spyware
> and whatnot, and another to do actual work on.

The next MacBook Pro that enters this house replaces my PowerBook.  
I'd certainly be able to buy her one, but hand it over when it  
arrives? I think not :)

Andy Armstrong,

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