Intermediate Perl Monger coming back to London

Stefan Scheytt stefan.scheytt at
Thu Mar 29 15:04:53 BST 2007

Hello everybody,

  After taking a break from London for about half a year I'll be coming back
to the big smoke shortly, and I just wanted to stick my feelers out towards
any interesting work opportunities that might be about.

  While I'm by no means as hardcore as some of the people on this list, I've
worked with Perl on and off for almost 10 years, either as a developer,
sysadmin, or back-end web honcho, and it's something I feel quite passionate
about seeing in my job description. I'm more the type that enjoys pulling a
clever script out of his sleeve to fix an emerging problem, rather than the
one plugging away on the same application for months on end, so I'm probably
more apt for support/admin/troubleshooting work rather than just pure

  Job-environment wise I'm probably more suited to the black-t-shirt side
than the suited-and-booted banking side of things (although I've tried that
as well), so if anyone knows a place that's looking for an
intermediate-level Perl developer/script jock within a relaxed work
environment full of clever people, please let me know.

  Greetings from Norway,

  - Stefan

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