No more python at Google

Sue Spence virtualsue at
Wed Apr 4 13:41:56 BST 2007

Dirk Koopman wrote:
> Ovid wrote:
>> --- Dirk Koopman <djk at> wrote:
>>> Nice try. However, some of the other aliens (within the meaning of
>>> the eponymous act of 1949) will have seen right through it straight away
>>> :-)
>>> The clue being "they finally noticed". They wouldn't - they really 
>>> wouldn't.
>> You know, that's not terribly reassuring.  When I apply for "Indefinite
>> Leave to Remain" in about three years, I don't want to find out then
>> that I'm an illegal.
> I have a nice lady contact (she comes from Seattle), who has been 
> through the mill, should you want to discuss the issues involved with 
> staying over here.

I applied for and received ILR in 1994. It was not a big deal. Fill in 
the forms, pay the fee, get a stamp in your passport.  I've done all the 
  immigration stuff here, my husband has done it all in the USA, and we 
can confirm that the Brits are much more easygoing.

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