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On Wed, 4 Apr 2007, Sue Spence wrote:

> I applied for and received ILR in 1994. It was not a big deal. Fill in
> the forms, pay the fee, get a stamp in your passport.  I've done all the
>   immigration stuff here, my husband has done it all in the USA, and we
> can confirm that the Brits are much more easygoing.

Both sides of the atlantic have recently hugely increased fees for several
of the steps involved - like 50-250% increases on the various parts.  An
example swiped from friends elsewhere (not implying Ovid is getting

1. Certificate of Approval.
This gives me permission to marry a British citizen. I have to have this
in order to get a marriage permit.
Old fee: 135 New fee: 295

2. Leave to Remain, Non-Student.
This lets me stay here for the first few years of marriage.
Old fee: 335 New fee: 395

3. Indefinite Leave to Remain
I'll need this once we've been resident for 2 years.
Old fee: 335 New fee: 750

And from that discussion, and because thread drift is to be encouraged,
the marriage route into the US, subject to recent legislation being

Application to Replace a Permanent Resident Card (I-90)
 current fee is $190; proposed fee is $290

Petition for Alien Fiance (I-129F)
 current fee is $170; proposed fee is $455

Application to Register Permanent Status or Adjust Status (I-485)
 current fee is $325; proposed fee is $905

Application for Naturalization (N-400)
 current fee is $330; proposed fee is $595

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