No more python at Google

Peter Corlett abuse at
Wed Apr 4 20:37:00 BST 2007

On 4 Apr 2007, at 20:01, David Cantrell wrote:
> Today I am mostly liking Fortnum's Russian Caravan blend.  And  
> grumbling at them taking over a week to deliver another tin of the  
> stuff from Piccadilly to Bloomsbury.  Yes, I know, I should just  
> get off the bus that takes me past the shop twice a day, but the  
> shop is full of tourists, which is hateful.

Not bad pork pies too, and quite reasonably-priced given they  
actually taste of something. I need to pop back for some more pies  
and chocolate.

It's also rather a shame that tourist season has started so early  
this year, but do remember that there is no bag limit.

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