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Stefan Scheytt stefan.scheytt at
Mon Apr 9 14:33:13 BST 2007

Hey guys,

  Just wanted to add my 2c to this discussion:

0, Luis Motta Campos wrote:
> >   Zero Tolerance policy keeps USA out of my touristic destination
> > list. Even knowing that I should enjoy life trying and raiding the
> > most savage and unforggiving roller coasters of the world, I don't
> > want to pass through Uncle Sam's Customs.
> You and me both.  I've explicitly turned down work trips to the USA.

<rant mode=furious swearing=true>

I wouldn't go there either unless threatened at gunpoint. Used to live there
for 3 years, then had the audacity of wanting to go back to Germany and kick
it there for a while. Went home, enjoyed the old world life for about 3/4 of
a year, and set out to go back, Green Card in hand.

Upon my arrival, I was flagged, interrogated, incarcerated and ultimately
deported. My terrible, heinous crime? Staying out of the U.S. as a legal
resident of same for more than 186 consecutive days. This not only voids my
legal alien status, but also makes me inadmissible to the U.S. even on a
tourist visa.

Got slapped with a 10-year ban and the threat of "20 years in jail and/or
250,000 dollar fine" for "entering, having found to have entered, or
attempting to enter" the United States, and got bundled on the next plane to
Frankfurt. The ban's still up until 2010.

The solution? I tend to go to Canada to chill out with my American friends,
who more than happily drive up there about once a year. Canadian customs is
more relaxed, at least for Germans. "Purpose of visit?" "Hang out with my
friends, drink beer, go shopping." "Enjoy your stay in Canada! *stamp*"

So -- all the nice people and good job opportunities nonwithstanding, fuck
the U.S. in their ugly fucking face until they change their visa policies. I
suppose I could get around the ban my queueing at the U.S. embassy for 6
hours, paying them several hundred dollars, pleading repentance and waiting
another 6 months for a "Waiver of Inadmissibility" but frankly, I can't be
arsed. Fuck 'em.


  - Stefan

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