Anyone know about eyes?

Andy Armstrong andy at
Wed Apr 25 12:00:39 BST 2007

On 25 Apr 2007, at 07:22, Chris Jack wrote:
>> I?ve been having trouble focussing my eyes for the past week. Turns
>> out I have some kind of macular dystrophy. My right eye has a blurred
>> and displaced area (about the size of my thumbnail at a range of  
>> 30cm)
>> which makes bits of text bend and blur when I try to look directly at
>> them. My left eye is fine but seems unwilling to help my right eye  
>> out
>> - presumably after years of laziness.
> You're looking for eye advice on a perl list? It might be something  
> floating
> about - I know stuff sometimes detaches in the eye which could also  
> explain
> why it went away. But seriously, go see your doctor or somewhere like
> Moorfields Eye Hospital or Vision Express.

I have - it's macular dystrophy. I'm asking if anyone else has had it  
and if so how they dealt with it. Thanks.

Andy Armstrong,

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