Anyone know about eyes?

Andy Armstrong andy at
Wed Apr 25 13:01:38 BST 2007

On 25 Apr 2007, at 11:15, Tom Barrett wrote:
> I have no problem with this. I always visit my optician first with  
> any eye
> problems. My current opticians also take pictures of the back my  
> eye in
> order to track any changes - as these are significant.
> So, in summary, if you are having eye problems, visit an optician. :)

I started at an optician who suggested I needed to see an  
ophthalmologist. Arrived for my appointment, passed reading chart  
test with flying colours, nearly turned away on the strength of that.  
Describe symptoms in detail. Told that "it looks like macular  
degeneration - but you're younger than I'd expect for that". What can  
I do? "Not much: you'll pretty much have to live with it and hope it  
doesn't get much worse"

The internet tells me that diet is a factor. Can fix that. I /think/  
my brain's getting slightly better at extracting information from  
blurr-o-vision after a couple of days of exercises. Also been to GP  
and asked for a referral to a different ophthalmologist.

Andy Armstrong,

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