[OT] perl and CLRs (.NET rocks)

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Wed May 2 14:17:32 BST 2007

Ovid wrote:
> In short, Microsoft is sitting up and paying attention to developer
> needs.  They have serious traction and I think they're getting better
> all the time.  While I am hardly an MS fanboy, they're finally
> innovating again.

This is the conclusion that I have come to as well. I could be fairly 
characterised as an M$ hater. But having tried both Java and C#, it has 
to be C# every time.

However, anybody that does "scripting" in either of these two languages 
is missing the point (as well as being a potential RSI victim). This is 
why I am, very gently, agitating for my favourite scripting language to 
have standard backend, preferably .NET/Mono but I could live with JVM.


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