[POLL] Our Various Pubs

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Wed May 2 17:33:10 BST 2007

Gather round my children, for I have something to ask you.

Tomorrow we're heading back to the Cittie of Yorke. I happen to like it, 
I gre up with Sam Smith's beer which is cheap and tasty. And I like the 
sausage platter. 

Some people do not like it. I can see their point.

Now, my little liebchens, mon petit choufleurs. I won't be around 
forever. No, no, no - don't cry. Everyone must pass and shuffle off this 
mortal coil. And then onto the jetway onto flight VS20 from LHR to SFO.

And at that point someone will have to take over as pub minion. Someone 
will have to take over as leader too but the pubs are the really 
important thing.

To aid this future beacon o' beer it'll be useful for them to know which 
pubs people like and don't like.

So, vote here.


Vote for as many pubs as you like.

I've deliberately made the voting protocol simple. I cold try and make 
it complicated but then it'd get gamed anyway. So, by making it simple 
I'm hoping that it'll prevent anyone from thinking that they can show 
how oh-so-smart they are in order to make up for the fact that no one 
else likes them by constantly spamming the poll. I'm in the mood to beat 
such people with a pipe wrench.

Play nice kiddies and come by the pub tomorrow if you want to see me or 
the wrench.


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