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Thu May 3 13:02:46 BST 2007

--- Peter Corlett <abuse at> wrote:

> I used to go to another group who had social and technical meetings,
> and the technical meetings were dull as fuck.

Well, I guess we were lucky, in large part due to who does (and did)
live in Portland.  We'd regularly have talks from the likes of:

* Randal Schartz
* Schwern
* chromatic
* Allison Randal
* Tom Phoenix
* Jeff Zucker
* Ingy

And many others including, er, myself, though I wouldn't classify
myself as being in the same league as the above speakers.  When you
have many of the best known figures in the Perl community, some of whom
are gifted speakers, it really helps.

The downside was that it really discouraged those newer to Perl from
giving talks :(



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