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Thu May 3 22:57:53 BST 2007

On Thu, 3 May 2007, Nic Gibson wrote:
> And at least one brew cinema/movie theatre.

At least eight, actually, and one plays Buffy episodes regularly

Mission Theatre (has burgers and beer, shows Buffy episodes Tuesdays at 
10 p.m)
Bagdad Theater & Pub (beer and pizza)
Academy Theater and Pub (pizza and beer)
Kennedy School (much food)
St. John's Theater & Pub
Laurelhurst Theater (pizza, beer, wine)
Grand Lodge*

See <> and select Movies, or 
or <>

* Not in Portland proper, but in Forest Grove, which is a Portland suburb.

Seattle has The Big Picture (beer and hard alcohol, popcorn and candy, no
real food), and Oakland has a nice place (pizza, beer).

> > John
> > [1] Seattle has a better array of bookstores, for one.
> Portland has Powells.

Powells is a chain of bookstores.  The difference between Portland and
Seattle bookstores is like the difference between the Cathedral (Portland)  
and the Bazaar (Seattle).  In Portland, there is Powells, and not much (or 
anything) else by way of independent bookstores.

Seattle has a wonderful array of small and medium bookstores that have all 
sorts of odd shit.  One of my yak-shaving tasks is to make a list of all 
of the bookstores, so I can visit all of them.

I've spent a lot of time in Powells, and it has its pluses, but they 
changed their organizational model a decade ago.  The result was that the 
people in various areas are not as knowledgeable.  Used to be that you 
could drop into a section (pick one, any one, of the many they have) 
and talk to someone knowledgeable about books in that field, even if the 
store didn't have the book you wanted.  Now, they have people with general 
knowledge, but the wonderful specificity is gone.

Powells still is wonderful, and I cannot enter the store without 
purchasing something.  I've tried; I failed.
> And I got to see a band in a venue that had a plaque on the wall saying
> "Curt Cobain proposed to Courtney Love  here" or something similar (I  
> was
> paying more attention to the band than to the wall)

I don't know that I'd brag about that.

Seattle's Experience Music Project (Paul Allen's giant, bizarre-looking
piece of wanking) has a guitar that Kurt destroyed during one gig.  The
documentary "Kurt & Courtney" is pretty good, by the way.

> nic

resident Portland-monger, apparently

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