Perl books (for ladies)

John Costello cos at
Fri May 4 00:44:51 BST 2007

On Thu, 3 May 2007, Nic Gibson wrote:
> On May 3, 2007, at 22:57, John Costello wrote:
> > Mission Theatre (has burgers and beer, shows Buffy episodes  
> This would be the one that I saw Pollock in a few years back (I have  
> a friend with an apartment slightly further up Glisan)

It's a fun neighborhood.  I saw Jacob's Ladder there, and I still haven't 

> Six or so isn't *really* a chain or are they bigger these days?

The thing is that they are the only independent book business in town, 
which I think is a shame.  I'm not advocating boycotting them or any such 
nonsense.  They are a local chain.  I don't know that they would expand 
outside of the city.

As for bigger - how much bigger than 5 stories on an entire city block do 
you want? (Mostly kidding here.)

It's interesting that they have almost as many warehouses as stores.

> This happens. Back in the day I worked in the university bookstore and
> you had to be studying in your department area or have a degree in it.  
> Now it's a Waterstones and, um, less good from that point of view.

I suspect Powell's employed many of the liberal arts graduates from the 
local colleges for many years.

> > I don't know that I'd brag about that.
> Well, it was there on the wall and I was busy going deaf at the time
> (note to self, Foetus live are very loud).

Sorry - I meant the club, not you.
> > Seattle's Experience Music Project (Paul Allen's giant, bizarre-
> > looking piece of wanking) has a guitar that Kurt destroyed during one
> > gig.  The documentary "Kurt & Courtney" is pretty good, by the way.
> Not seen. My lack of fanship for Nirvana is fairly major.

I'm not a big fan of the band, but watching the film was interesting.  At
the time it came out, my wife was attending U. of Washington.  We realized
that the gun runner (automatic weapons) featured in the documentary lived
a few blocks from her apartment.  The film also gave me a sense that I
would not want to be trapped on a plane with Kurt or Courtney.

> It's a nice city. I prefer it to Seattle - it feels less 'big city'
> (this comes from someone who lived in London for 20 years of course)

I lived in Portland for 11 years, which was a bit long.  I have fond
memories of the place.  Seattle is nice but geographically challenged.  I 
haven't yet decided whether I like it better than Portland.

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