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Nic Gibson nicg at
Thu May 3 23:23:01 BST 2007

On May 3, 2007, at 22:57, John Costello wrote:

> On Thu, 3 May 2007, Nic Gibson wrote:
>> And at least one brew cinema/movie theatre.
> At least eight, actually, and one plays Buffy episodes regularly
> Mission Theatre (has burgers and beer, shows Buffy episodes  
> Tuesdays at
> 10 p.m)

This would be the one that I saw Pollock in a few years back (I have  
a friend
with an apartment slightly further up Glisan)

> Bagdad Theater & Pub (beer and pizza)
> Academy Theater and Pub (pizza and beer)
> Kennedy School (much food)
> St. John's Theater & Pub
> Edgefield
> Laurelhurst Theater (pizza, beer, wine)
> Grand Lodge*
> See <> and select Movies, or
> <>,
> or <>
> * Not in Portland proper, but in Forest Grove, which is a Portland  
> suburb.
> Seattle has The Big Picture (beer and hard alcohol, popcorn and  
> candy, no
> real food), and Oakland has a nice place (pizza, beer).
>>> John
>>> [1] Seattle has a better array of bookstores, for one.
>> Portland has Powells.
> Powells is a chain of bookstores.  The difference between Portland and
> Seattle bookstores is like the difference between the Cathedral  
> (Portland)
> and the Bazaar (Seattle).  In Portland, there is Powells, and not  
> much (or
> anything) else by way of independent bookstores.

Six or so isn't *really* a chain or are they bigger these days?
> Seattle has a wonderful array of small and medium bookstores that  
> have all
> sorts of odd shit.  One of my yak-shaving tasks is to make a list  
> of all
> of the bookstores, so I can visit all of them.

Actually, I managed to pick up a bunch of Jonathan Carroll novels  
in a tiny bookshop in Seattle (I've only been once so working out  
where I was
is hard). The owner would only let me have a few because she wanted to
read them.

> I've spent a lot of time in Powells, and it has its pluses, but they
> changed their organizational model a decade ago.  The result was  
> that the
> people in various areas are not as knowledgeable.  Used to be that you
> could drop into a section (pick one, any one, of the many they have)
> and talk to someone knowledgeable about books in that field, even  
> if the
> store didn't have the book you wanted.  Now, they have people with  
> general
> knowledge, but the wonderful specificity is gone.

This happens. Back in the day I worked in the university bookstore  
and you
had to be studying in your department area or have a degree in it.  
Now it's
a Waterstones and, um, less good from that point of view.

> Powells still is wonderful, and I cannot enter the store without
> purchasing something.  I've tried; I failed.

Yeah, every time I visit Portland I come back with stuff from there.

>> And I got to see a band in a venue that had a plaque on the wall  
>> saying
>> "Curt Cobain proposed to Courtney Love  here" or something similar (I
>> was
>> paying more attention to the band than to the wall)
> I don't know that I'd brag about that.

Well, it was there on the wall and I was busy going deaf at the time
(note to self, Foetus live are very loud).

> Seattle's Experience Music Project (Paul Allen's giant, bizarre- 
> looking
> piece of wanking) has a guitar that Kurt destroyed during one gig.   
> The
> documentary "Kurt & Courtney" is pretty good, by the way.

Not seen. My lack of fanship for Nirvana is fairly major.
>> nic
> John
> resident Portland-monger, apparently

It's a nice city. I prefer it to Seattle - it feels less 'big  
city' (this comes from
someone who lived in London for 20 years of course)


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