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On 04/05/07, Peter Corlett <abuse at> wrote:
> On Fri, May 04, 2007 at 12:55:07PM +0100, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> [...]
> > 1: There are (at least) 12 companies in and around London trying to
> > recruit developers with strong Perl skills
> > 2: I know of 5 people who are sufficiently dissatisfied with their current
> > job
> > 3: The recruitment agents are having kittens* because they can't find
> > anyone to interview for these jobs
> Well, I'm somewhat unimpressed with the current conditions at work and have
> been casting around, doing the odd interview.
> Often, I'm declining to even bother to interview once i've got the recruiter
> to cut the crap and tell me where the job is and how much they are offering.
> What seems to be on the table is longer hours, travel to the back end of
> beyond, and an effective paycut of about 10% once those are factored in.
> It seems that employers think they are in a buyer's market. What appears to
> have escaped their notice is that they're desperate for people, but people
> already have jobs even if they don't like them much.
> Of course, the pimps should probably smarten up when trying to match people
> to jobs: I've seen at least three different jobs that evidently repeatedly
> fail to be filled, and a new member of staff finds languishing in the pile,
> keyword-matches my CV and then phones me up. I then have to sit through them
> wittering on about "great opportunity" and rattling off keywords for me to
> go "yep" to all of them. They're nigh-on wetting themselves that they've
> possibly finally got rid of the job when tell me who it is and I point out
> that I've already declined the job, or have interviewed and never heard
> anything back.
> In all, it's a wholly unsastisfactory business for everybody concerned.

however, it _is_ a *business* -

agents need their blood money,
$corp needs to spend their resourcing budget,
everything outwith the scope of next year ends up being GC'd.

from what have seen on over the last few years; has this
recent  supply/demand scenario changed more than the expected 'new tax
year = new budget' equation?


PS can you easily filter out 'represent a recruitment agency' postings
PPS de-lurking->on; :)

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