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Fri May 4 14:37:56 BST 2007

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> I could never be accused of lurking however, I believe that there is
> a very simple explanation:-
> Not enough money is being offered.

I would amend that to:

  "Not enough compensation is being offered."

When I'm asked about my salary requirements, I always respond with a
range, but make it clear that I'm flexible depending upon what other
compensation there is.

Is there flex-time?  Travel requirements?  Extra holiday?  Free
lunches?  Good location?  And so on.  Of course, my number one concern
is the development environment.  If they don't have tests, won't let me
see their code, have a waterfall style development system, require lots
of overtime, etc., I not only demand more money, but I expect to have
the freedom to fix systemic problems, not just bugs.

Companies simply need to realize that if they want to attract
developers and their current tactics aren't doing this, they need to
change their tactics.  I would say 'duh', but why state the obvious?




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