Dirk Koopman djk at
Fri May 4 15:05:30 BST 2007

Richard Foley wrote:
> But you're right, it's all a bit bonkers.  It reminds me of the Australian 
> Prime Minister saying that the solution for Global Warming, (and the 
> consequent likely destruction of the current pattern of economic and human 
> life on that continent), is: "we can only hope and pray". 

I was in Oz when he said that. He also said that if there wasn't any 
decent rain over the next couple of months he would stop all irrigation 
in the Murray/Darling basin. Since most of the "402,000 people are 
employed in agriculture or agriculture-related services" are employed 
there, and it produces most of Oz's food, I imagine Mr Howard has some 
higher plan (which might employ loaves and fishes) for dealing with 
sudden worsening of Oz's balance of payments + increase in food prices.

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