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Fri May 4 18:50:39 BST 2007

>>>>> "AA" == Andy Armstrong <andy at> writes:

  AA> On 4 May 2007, at 13:29, Richard Foley wrote:
  >> Ok, I'll change job, just to keep you happy, Nick.  The fact that  my
  >> contract
  >> is currently expiring has nothing to do with it, honest guv!

  AA> Apart from Stonehenge is anyone doing the "l33t gang of Perl d00dz"
  AA> business model? You know - a loose compact of Perl powered superheros?

i would be into that sort of thing. stonehenge does it more for teaching
than development but they do both. the key to this is marketing and
selling telecommute since it is hard to collect the leets into one place
for any length of time. and managing a dispersed herd of hackers is as
hard as herding mongers to a dim sum. but if you want to talk about this
concept i am willing to flame back.

and i take umbrage at being so insulted by nick as i am also a perl pimp
(and doing ok at it on the side). i intend to email nick some french
farts as soon as i write mime encoding for them.

i tell candidates who i am doing hunting for but i wouldn't advertise
that to the outside world. and i am notoriously honest (to a pain) and i
don't play poker for that reason. :)

also i did get a call from venda who wanted help to land some top perl
hackers in nyc but i couldn't find any on such short notice.

and one final thing, i know perl a bit so i can actually talk to hiring
managers and understand them and also to candidates and assess their
perl skills. the only problem i have with nick's complaint is that i
don't know london nor live close by so it is harder for me to be an
agent there.


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