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Fri May 4 19:06:02 BST 2007

>>>>> "SW" == Simon Wilcox <essuu at> writes:

  SW> On Fri, 4 May 2007, Nicholas Clark wrote:
  >> Why are the recruiters even involved here?

  SW> Because they can reach the perl programmers that are not in the
  SW> Community and therefore are unlikely to have heard about

even if a place advertises on, a quality agent is still
useful. i have helped rewrite resumes of two candidates and that got
them interviews. i know the managers better than the candidates and can
actually learn about the environment and work requirements and translate
them better then the drones in HR. many candidates don't know how to
express themselves well in interviews, what to emphasize, what tacts to
take, etc. i have helped them in that area too. when i submit a
candidate i don't buzzword match and i don't just throw resumes at the
job either. 

  SW> Hell, they can even reach people who *are* in the community yet
  SW> still don't see the job ads on - or maybe they're
  SW> just better at selling the opportunity than I was at writing a job
  SW> ad. Hmmm.

and as i said elsewhere, i have found and placed candidates who were not
even looking officially. and they know about

  SW> Anyway, we will also be throwing our hat into the ring shortly, it
  SW> looks like we're going to need a CMS developer but I already know
  SW> that the intersection of perl Community and perl developers who
  SW> enjoy building web applications is tiny. I will post the vacancy
  SW> on when the time comes [1] but I fully expect to
  SW> have to fork out a load of cash to the pimp that can find me the
  SW> person I need from elsewhere.

  SW> Simon.
  SW> [1] Agents - the time is NOT now. Do not contact me about this vacancy !

then contact me when the time is right. :)



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