Pedro Figueiredo me at
Fri May 4 20:13:40 BST 2007

On 04/05/07, Nicholas Clark <nick at> wrote:
> Ah right. But here in London we have some sort of social network, and yet
> it's not being used by employees to fill local vacancies.

i have to admit i can't remember using the jobs list to advertise a job, but:

1. i've mentioned a couple of vacancies on
2. on the last social i went to (crosse keys) there were at least 3
people actively pulling out people and going "come and work at my
company! it's going to be fabulous!"

not having read all the thread with the due attention, i'd like to
mention a fault that i notice where i work: poor management. although
everyone in the team got a word in the requirements for the openings
we had/have, $phb went on through agencies. i've personally asked for
the job descriptions, only to get the "oh, right, i'll mail them after
lunch" reply.

bgp is for those who can't keep it static long enough

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