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Sat May 5 00:37:26 BST 2007

On Fri, 4 May 2007, Nicholas Clark wrote:

> Oh. At the point where said firm up there was recruiting and I was not happy,
> I know I was not encouraging anyone to apply, principally, and truthfully,
> because I "did not know anyone who would enjoy working here".
> It's not the first time that I've been in this sort of situation.

I've told people before about jobs that suck but pay - if they just want
more/some money and somewhere to sit for a few months, it's a valid
choice, plus it's CV experience, and possibly a famous name on your CV.
All are positive things to people on their first job or two in the
industry, or if it happens to pay lots but blows, or if someone's not
planning on being in the country in a few months, and doesn't want to dump
on a decent employer when they bail.

the hatter

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