Merijn Broeren merijnb at
Sun May 6 00:09:24 BST 2007

Quoting Nicholas Clark (nick at
> Yes, I'm mailing this to the main list, quite deliberately.
> Something is bonkers here:
> 1: There are (at least) 12 companies in and around London trying to recruit
>    developers with strong Perl skills
How do you know this? And is that not enough information dissemination?

>   "Yes, I know no job is perfect, and this one does have its warts. But on
>    average it's fun, and you should at least interview here"
Well, they said it to you at least, or how else would you know? 

So, what do you want them to do more? These companies obviously target
carefully who they ask, namely you, and at the chance of breaking your
heart, maybe a few more choice programmers. Maybe they choose not to mail
out to the mailing list publicly. Or wait for a referral from you. Or
wait until you finally give in and start wearing a suit and turn up at
7:30 to be yelled at irregular intervals and made to wear a beeper under
the shower. 

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