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Sun May 6 10:14:22 BST 2007

On Fri, May 04, 2007 at 02:28:35PM +0100, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> Why aren't the people on this list who work for firms making any effort
> to mention that they have vacancies? After all, there is a
> jobs list for that very purpose...

Well, I'll step up and say that while I don't know of any specific
vacancies right now, I believe we've been recruiting in the UK recently
and may well have upcoming vacancies in London in the near future.
And/or that we might be interested in talking to people who are
interested in other flexible working arrangements based out of the
London office, eg. telecommute from elsewhere in the UK or nearby (i.e.
able to visit fairly regularly, and in a compatible timezone.)  And
finally, we are also interested in hiring good Perl people and
relocating them to Australia; we've recently relocated 2 from the UK as
well as some from the US, Asia, etc.  We pay relocation, deal with
visas, etc.

>From your (UK) POV, the company is, which I believe
is the 2nd largest property website over your way.  From my POV, I work
for (or, I suppose, the REA Group) which owns various
websites internationally, of which PF is one.  I'm one of two lead
developers in a team of 20 here in Australia; we also have
developers in London and India, as well as teams in Luxembourg and
Italy which will be integrated with ours sometime in the future.
(Just met one of the senior guys from Luxembourg; the site we bought
over there is PHP but we'll be converting them to the One True Way
in due course, as we bring them onto our platform.)

So anyway.  No particular openings right this minute, but please do feel
free to contact me off-list if any of the above sounds at all interesting.


Kirrily Robert
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