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Tue May 8 11:02:37 BST 2007

Paul Makepeace writes:

> On 5/6/07, Peter Corlett <abuse at> wrote:
> > Another place seemed to suggest that long hours was some sort of
> > perk, because you could willy-wave with the rest of the staff as to
> Well this is illegal under EU Working Time Directive, and even the UK
> afaik can no longer opt of this.

The working-time directive used not to apply in the UK at all.  Now it
does, but individual employees are allowed to waive their rights under

Personally I've always been happy to sign whenever an employer has
placed a waiver form in front of me.  If I'm dissatisified with my
conditions then these both seem like plausible courses of action to try:

* Raise the matter informally with my line manager.
* Quit.

Whereas I can't ever seeing this one leading to long-term job

* Use the force of the law to get my employer to begrudgingly admit that
  even though they want me to do X, legally they aren't allowed to.

That doesn't sound like an employer I would want to continue working for


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