Cinemas (Was: Perl books (for ladies))

Smylers Smylers at
Tue May 8 10:37:53 BST 2007

Paul Mison writes:

> ... the old Mecca bingo hall on Essex Road ... candace reckons it'd
> make a great cult cinema (especially if you could get an alcohol
> licence).
> London doesn't have one otherwise. Does it?

I'm still too new to London to answer that, but I have been impressed
with Roxy on Borough High Street.  It's a bar-restaurant which shows

When a film starts they pull a curtain across the half of the room with
the screen in, so it's dark and you don't hear the chatter from the bar.
But you continue to be sat around tables or on sofas or whatever --
which I found much more relaxing than the rows of pews at most cinemas.
And of course when a film finishes you're already sat in a bar!

Admission free.  I've recently enjoyed a couple of documentaries there,
which appear to be on every other Monday:


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