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Fri May 11 12:20:16 BST 2007

On Thu, May 10, 2007 at 03:43:31PM +0100, Pete Sergeant wrote:

> My favourite interview to date, and the one I felt gave me the most
> scope to show off my knowledge, was one where I was asked to bring in
> some code I'd written, and then asked to explain it to the interviewer.

I like that style of interview a LOT.  When the nice people at ITN did
that to me, I took them through Data::Transactional.  They helped me
find a coupla places where the code was a bit fragile (not buggy, but
might break if I try to fix it) and some minor problems with documentation
and testing.

If I were to do such an interview, I'd want to be reasonably certain
that the code hadn't been written specifically for an interview - I want
to see the code that they normally write, not what they write to impress
an employer.  If it's someone with stuff on the CPAN, that's easy cos I
can check the file dates on backpan.

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