Public Perl win

Nik Clayton nik at
Wed May 16 06:24:17 BST 2007

Smylers wrote:
> Nik Clayton writes:
>> This sounds like a good public win for Perl:
> Hmmm:
>   Signal Spam lets people send spams via either a web form, or a
>   plug-in.  Plug-ins are currently available for Outlook 2003, Outlook
>   2007 and Thunderbird 2.0; more coming.
> Just what the world needs -- a system for sending spam!

You appear to be misreading it -- it's a system for reporting spam 
that's been received, and forwarding the reports on to the appropriate 
responsible parties (e.g., so that ISPs can easily locate and block 
botnet infested customers).


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